Development and Manufacture of Optical Systems for Illumination
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Welcome to Phocux

We offer, under a global vision, integral solutions in Investigation, Design, Development and Manufacture of Optical Systems for Illumination.

Since the deep knowledge of the physics science related to light control, and using the best engineering and manufacture tools we get the continuous innovation and we make optical designs optimised for luminaire development.
We are specialized in Reflector design, Optical systems for LED’s and Design and Manufacture of Reflectors and Refractors.

We investigate and develop the latest innovations in illumination, LED technology, reflector simulation, luminaire new components, etc., applying it to several sectors such architectonic illumination, road illumination, tunnel illumination, floodlight illumination, interior illumination, etc.


Phocux - Optical Systems for Lighting

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During the last days, Phocux has presented it’s new website in

Our website was designed to be a practical guide to know Phocux global vision.

Our team of expert professionals makes posible to offer the integral solutions presented on  this website.

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